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Change of Plans

So… I was way too quick to jump to conclusions on this. I had this desire to move to Austin placed in my heart, but after hearing what I wanted, I quickly closed my heart to the rest.

Steubenville East


This past weekend I was given the opportunity to photograph a Steubenville Youth Conference at the University of Rhode Island. When I was a part of the Life Teen youth group in my home parish, I had heard about these conferences. They were supposed to be the coolest. I, unfortunately, never had the opportunity to go during my time in high school. I was really excited when I received a phone call…

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Pacific Grove, CA. - mr. winston

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Norway; 2014 | by Atle Rønningen

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Bonneville Salt Flats, UT 10:14 AM: Yonder experiences and will be forced to deal with a non-consensual up-short sunburn brought on by the salts reflective ferocity. 

Yonder Journal’s Brief for Day Nine—from the Bonneville Salt Flats —of the Western Recreation project is live HERE. We’re publishing daily for the rest of the month from the road, with Yakima and Poler.

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Steubie ATL by Joe Sanchez Jr.


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